Girl, you gotta get UNCOMFORTABLE

Girl, you gotta get UNCOMFORTABLE

Piggy backing off of last week's post (which, if you missed it, was all about breaking out of our comfort zones and how to be just as badass as you were when you were a kid - seriously, a MUST READ), I've created these FREE 8"x10" Art Prints - just for you!

The 3 colorways feature one of my all time fave, slap-in-your-face, AhHA, now-I-get-it, lightbulb-moment quotes:

Get Comfortable with Being UNCOMFORTABLE

that's where the MAGIC Happens

Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable - Inspirational Quote Free Printable 8"x10" Art Print

GAH! such a great reminder, especially since it can be so, so hard to do! But, let's be honest... how else do you expect to improve your life & grow as a person?

Create a family of courageous BADASSES by including one in your gallery wall, on your office desk, your teen's room or even suggest they put it up in their locker *wink, *wink - any place where you'd like a reminder to make waves, be brave & do the hard sh*t.

Click HERE to download.... And be sure to send me pics of how you're decorating with your new prints! Tag or DM me @declarationhome

Courtney Bush - Declaration HOME Owner, Designer, Creator

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