Mama Maker Interview Series - Colleen Wold of Personal Paper Hugs

I'm so exited to offer this new feature - a behind the scenes, sneak peak into the world of our mama makers!

Today I get up close and personal with my fave naughty + nice card maker, Colleen Wold of Personal Paper Hugs. Colleen not only sends "hugs with a fold in the middle" but has a talent for capturing EXAAAACTLY what you're thinking - and often times, that might be with a curse word or two ;)

We talk all things motherhood, business and the art of combining the two... plus I end our convo with a few surprising questions... give it a watch and leave any questions that you have for Colleen in the comments!

P.S. I'm super pumped to be carrying Colleen's card packs starting Holiday 2018! Not only will her sets be available in the shop, but one of her Holiday Cards will also be included in each & every Curated Holiday Gift Box! PreSale starts 11/6/18!




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