RESOURCE GUIDE: Audios to ease anxiety & protect your wellbeing

RESOURCE GUIDE: Audios to ease anxiety & protect your wellbeing

If you’re here, then I know you’re not part of “the herd”...

your creative mind appreciates higher level thinking, you tap into your intuition & you’re not consumed with the fear mongering news...

basically, you’re not a coronavirus, toilet paper hoarder 🙄

So Repeat after me: Everything will be fine 100% of the time

Been replaying that one ☝️ in my head on the constant as of late ... as, I’m sure, you are too

But even though we tell ourselves that a million times over, the world’s crazy-ass energy still manages to creep its way in and break open little cracks of fear, doubt & anxiety
So I put together a list of things that I’ve personally been doing to spackle up those cracks and put myself (and my kids!) into a state of peace + wellbeing

Below, I’ve included some anxiety-easing self hypnosis audios, a calm-inducing breathing technique and a podcast episode titled “How to Stop Fear and Worrying” - very aptly titled if you ask me 😂

Also, please share with whoever needs to hear this! Anyone that needs some peace & realignment in their life

Stay the course friends! ... and keep washing ‘yo damn hands

P.S. if anyone could recommend a good hand moisturizer, my squeaky clean hands will forever be indebted to you 👐


My Personal Playlist for Peace + Wellbeing:


Blog post by Courtney Bush for Declaration HOME

**disclaimer: I am not a physician, nor do I have any medical training... these recommendations are based on my personal opinion & experience. Please do not hesitate to meet with a licensed practitioner if you feel you need help for your anxiety related issues. Also... while I do not receive any compensation for my recommendations for Jim Fortin nor Penny Chiasson, I am an affiliate of Uncommon Knowledge/Hypnosis**
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