Damn the Man... follow your own path

Damn the Man... follow your own path

It may be contrary to my Virgo-ness,

but I find nothing is more suffocating than having to follow a rule book ... now, don't get me wrong - a nice suggestion, a guideline, maybe even a "best practices" I'll take, but a hard & fast RULE BOOK?! no way- DAMN THE MAN!

That's why nothing makes me sadder than when someone loves a piece, whether that be a great new find, something that makes them laugh or a family heirloom that pulls at their heartstrings but they go, "Oh, I can't put that in my home - it just doesn't GO with my decor"... wait, WHAT?!

I'm not sure what's going on in YOUR house, but no one's ever come over mine with a grade book in hand (or at least one that I could see...)

Your home is the visual EXPRESSION of your personality, the EMOTIONS you want to encourage, the INSPIRATION you want to surround yourself with, the CONVERSATIONS you want to start... it's the one place you can be yourself the most and you shouldn’t feel restricted by anybody’s “rules”.

So stop taking yourself sooooo seriously - unexpected elements add LIFE to your home!

And here's a roundup of my fave life giving, pops of surprise....

Paint dipped thrift store art! [ image credit Oliver Jeffers  via Apartment Therapy ]


Kinda Classy but we cuss a little Funny Doormat Door mat Functional AND hysterical... nothing sets the tone like a cheeky doormat [ image credit Cut Up & Dyed Pillow Co. }


Embracing your retro bathroom and color blocking it! [ image credit Aileen Grodzinsky via instagram @homemadehappinest ]

Mini Macrame Plant Hanger Car Ornament by Declaration HOMETake it on the road! This adorable mini plant ornament is gives boho life even to a minivan [ image credit Declaration HOME ]


Because sending snail mail is totally cool & exciting again! [ image credit @personalpaperhugs via Instagram ]


Hate Has No Home Here American Flag by Declaration HOMEStart the Conversation [ image credit "No Hate America" Flag via Declaration HOME ]


Moral of the story... have fun keeping it EXTRA and don't be afraid to let your personality shine!

Drop me a comment below & tell me what’s your favorite way to bring life to your home decor!



Remember: Life should be handmade!

❁ live FEARLESSLY, aim to INSPIRE & decorate with ABANDON ❁






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