Diana Ulke of Brighter Days Candle Co. for Declaration HOME

Who told you decorating a room stops with the decor?!... Oh no, no grasshopper -- create an EXPERIENCE with fragrances that match your personal style and mood! Declaration HOME is over the moon to now carry the Brighter Days Co. line of candles and diffusers. These handmade, vegan soy candles have the most delicious fragrances and best names to boot... because everything I love has to be that much more extraaaa!

Diana Ulke is the candle makin' genius behind Brighter Days Co. Wife, mother and just the sweetest dang girl you'll ever meet, Diana pours (pun intended) her heart and soul into each & every scent she creates.

Stay tuned for her newest releases every season!!

This collection does not contain any products.

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