Colleen Wold mama maker - Personal Paper HugsColleen Wold, creator & mama maker of the sometimes naughty, but always nice, greeting card company Personal Paper Hugs, is on a mission....& Declaration HOME is here to help!!

"Let's make snail mail great again!"

Don't get too caught up in the digital age of texting and emailing. Sometimes sending out an actual paper card, with a personal handwritten note, can make all the difference!... especially if it makes them bust out laughing!!

As Colleen always says, her cards are "a hug with a fold in the middle"

Brighten someone's day & make them literally LOL by picking up a couple packs of these hysterical cards.

**want to learn more about Colleen, her biz, her family & how she balances it all?! Check out our interview we did with her for our Mama Maker Interview Series! Watch Here!!**