Declaration HOME is a curated collection of fun & eclectic Home + Lifestyle Goods from the creative minds of BADASS Women!

We're celebrating fearless females who knowingly take on way more than they probably should (hey, what's one more thing added to the pile?!), all while laughing at the concept of work/life balance (we all know that ain't reality), but do so anyway to satisfy that undying need to CREATE.

We’re supporting all the mamas who are inspiring their kids to DREAM BIG and relentlessly stay true to their HEARTS

We’re supporting all the creative women who are PUSHING ASIDE their insecurities & bringing to life the ideas that SET THEIR SOUL ON FIRE.

Remember: Bring those Good Vibes home!

❁ live FEARLESSLY, aim to INSPIRE & decorate with ABANDON ❁


Courtney Bush Creator and Designer Declaration Home


Courtney Bush is the creator of Declaration HOME, designer, mama maker & passionate supporter of creative women. She’s a textile, website and graphic artist, turned wife, mother to three, dog-mom to 2 and chicken-keeper to 6 (RIP poor Pearl 😭). 


After quitting the soul-sucking NYC commuter life working as a design assistant in the fashion & home decor industries, Courtney eagerly submerged herself into the role of SAHM to raise her brood of 3 exceptionally adorable monsters. After 8 years of successfully keeping her gang alive, well fed and (somewhat) clean, this mama was in desperate need to reconnect with her former creative life.


Out of the chaos rose Declaration HOME - which funny enough began as a fun Flag & Wall Hanging biz, but quickly morphed into something so much more.


Courtney began meeting a whole community of women who were producing beautiful & inspiring work in the hours after their 9-5'ers, in-between school schedules and on the sidelines of their kids’ sports games. These women were the definition of HUSTLE, and while they all shared a VIP ticket to the hot-mess-express, they did so gladly to inspire their children, contribute economically to their families & fulfill an undying need to create.


Now, Courtney is constantly on the lookout to collaborate with new creative women and bring on those who share the Declaration HOME brand vibe.  Be sure to check back regularly, since there’s always new inspiration landing in the shop!



Are you or do you know a kickass creative maker who’d be a good fit for Declaration HOME?! Drop Courtney a line that includes a short bio with links to your shop & social media channels - We’re excited to see what you got cookin’! 

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