Courtney Bush Creator and Designer Declaration Home

Declaration HOME is the passion project of Courtney Bush,

a textile, website and graphic artist, turned wife & mother of three.

Flags have always held a certain sense of nostalgia for Courtney. A child of the 80's, she can remember her mother using the change of seasons or approach of a holiday as a chance to redecorate their home. There was a warmth and coziness that her mom captured in her decorating, and it was highlighted by a new decorative flag - the focal point of her outside decor. 

In love with that experience, Courtney wanted her own children to have those same warm and cozy memories of running up the driveway to their beautifully styled home.

But instead, she kept running into the same problem: all the decorative flags she found were LAME.

DH became the ultimate solution to this problem. Courtney did away with the outdated, cringe worthy prints decorative flags have become known for, and is redefining the market with her bold, fashion forward designs. In doing so, she's created a whole new niche, namely a dual purpose, Lifestyle Flag™ -- durable enough to be used outdoors, withstanding all the elements, while also beautiful enough to be used indoors as a statement piece wall hanging. 

Declaration HOME encourages their tribe to live LOUD... Make a Statement & DECLARE Who They Are!