Self Hypnosis - Why You Need to Add it to your Self Care Practice

IS THIS YOU TOO?: Whenever I thought of Hypnosis, I immediately pictured the panel of people sitting on stage, being made to quack like a duck and act like a fool in front of an audience.... or the ‘ol “you’re getting very, very sleepy” bit.... and Never did I hear the term SELF Hypnosis before... like, WTF is that??

But when not 1, but 2 trusted coaches, who’s UNRELATED programs I was taking, both recommenced it: my interest was piqued.

I said piqued... not jump-right-in-and-drink-all-the-kool-aid... but interested.

As a self-proclaimed "Control Freak", I had some researching to do on my own first... but once I found article after article touting the life changing benefits of Hypnosis, I took a leap of faith and stuck my toe into the exciting new-to-me practice.

Since then, I’ve incorporated self hypnosis into my daily self care routine and it has not only given me tools to help quiet my ever anxious mind, but has also given me access to new ideas, confidence, courage & self healing that I never realized I had lying dormant in the recesses of that over-active mind of mine. 

Here's just a dabbling of what Self Hypnosis is all about... we're just scratching the surface here

• Time Magazine Article: Is Hypnosis Real? Here's What Science Says

• Mayo Clinic: Hypnosis

• Darren Marks: The Truth About Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Here’s an App I love and where I’ve downloaded programs not only for myself, but for my kids too (helps them tremendously with sports & performance anxiety) 

Hypnosis Downloads from Uncommon Knowledge 

<*disclosure: this is my affiliate link - I believe in it that much that I wanted to be part of their mission!*>


I encourage you to do your own research and I'll be sharing more in-depth info in the months to come.... Enjoy! And feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to chat all things self hypnosis 🤩 

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